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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Purse Insert with Double Zipper

In mid-November, my friend Aparna contacted me...she and her son were flying in from Australia and traveling around the US reconnecting with family and friends. She was wondering if I could meet up in D.C. - and hang out with them and our mutual friend Dereece and Dereece's niece. YES!! I wouldn't miss it!

I wanted to make something for her son...who I shortchanged about ten years ago. friend moved to Australia...and I sent her and her daughter a few things....purses. But I sent nothing to her son. I know. I'm a total loser. I make purses. That's my defense.

I knew that I had to do something especially for him, so I redesigned my purse insert and made a Dopp Kit for him (that's a fancy term for a men's toiletries bag). Although my home was being renovated, I dusted (literally) off my sewing machine and engineered this double-zippered bag.

It's just a redesign of my purse insert. I wanted to add two zippers so the bag would open wide, allowing easy access to items. I used my Inside-Out Zipper Technique. I sketched and thought about it. Eventually I just dove in and did it. The double zipper was a bit tricky, but I didn't overthink it. And it worked. 

Here one side. I had to add a piece above the zipper.

Easy access to all the contents. Which might be video game stuff rather than toiletries.

I extended the zipper flap and added a snap to keep it closed.

I'm painting my newly renovated space, but once I'm done, I plan on fine-tuning the design and posting a pattern for this bag.

1 comment:

  1. This purse looks good to me, well in with latest fashion trends. I have seen few of them in local market, going to get one piece for myself


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