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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sewing While Renovating

My sewing has come to a standstill thanks to dust, displaced clothing, and random furniture!

I bought my house in 2002 - it's a Cape Cod Bungalow built in 1943. Every year, I've done some updating; some minor (painting) and some not-to-minor (adding and moving kitchen cabinets). But last week, I began my most extensive renovation...gutting most of the second floor to expand the master bedroom.

The original room was about 15' x 10' - tucked into the sloped roof; in the hallway, the dormer ceiling was low...6'5". It was claustrophobic. I wanted to duck whenever I stepped on the top stair.

I worked with my contractor on finalizing a design that I had envisioned since I moved in. Move the knee-wall back, move the door, raise the ceiling, and expand the hall closet.

This is what it looks like after week one! The room is HUGE - 16' x 15' !! 

But that insulation? It's everywhere. Even with plastic sheets covering the doors. My daily routine is this: get home from work. Remove coat. Swiffer. Change Swiffer pad. Repeat. Repeat. Vacuum. Dust. Change water in cats' water bowl. 

The other consequence of renovating a 72 year old home? Lots of vintage ceiling lights (that I'm replacing with recessed LED lights). According to my contractor, these all need to be rewired. One was so bad, that they clipped the wires so no one could hang it.

Isn't that blue on dreamy? The one next to it is identical, but pink! Too bad I don't need them. When I get a chance, I will probably sell them to someone who appreciates their unique qualities!

Around this time, I'm usually dreaming up Christmas gift ideas - something that I can make. Not now. But I can handle that!

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  1. Sewing is very important to know and this is good that you know about the sewing. Great work and great motivation for many of us too.


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