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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hanging My Design Wall

I have three Fons and Porter Quilt Design Walls...yes, I like to design more than I like to piece! I sometimes struggle to get quilts done. Consequently, I use them quite a bit.

My main problem is that, although I love these design walls, the grommets at the top are all spaced a little differently; this has made hanging them a little difficult.

Originally, I hung up some Command Adhesive hooks and put up with unevenness. This weekend I decided that I had had enough. I removed the hooks and put up clothespins. Here's what I did:

 I got some of these picture hanging strips.

I took out the medium strips and cut four sets of them in half. To do this, I stuck them together and cut using sharp scissors.

I stuck one side to the clothespin. 

I marked eight points on the wall - level and evenly distributed. I then stuck the clothespins to the wall.

And here's one of my quilts "stuck" to my quilt design wall. 

Once I got the quilt top all pieces, I removed the design wall and hung the quilt by the clothespins.

Works like a charm! And I haven't damaged my plaster walls!

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