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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Cuddle Cube! Free Pattern!

OK, I don't have kids or grand kids, so when Ellen at Shannon Fabrics sent me this adorable Lagoona Cuddle by Dana Brooks, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I am working on a purse for Ellen (!) and might make myself a beautiful Cuddle Scrunchie Scarf. Then I got the news! My niece announced that she was pregnant and expecting a baby girl! So I went to work on these cute Cuddle Cubes! 

The main problem that most Cuddle beginners make (including me!) is dealing with the stretchy nature of this fabric. It's also a bit fuzzy - but nothing that a good vacuum and a lint roller can't handle! But the lovelies at Shannon Fabrics have some provided us with a series of Cuddle Tips and Tricks

And...I've added one of my own tips: fusi-knit fusible tricot interfacing

So on to the pattern! I've made it easy - with very little pinning!!

There are three sizes: 4 1/2", 3 1/2", and 2 1/2". I've provided instructions to make the big Cuddle Cube (final measurements 4 1/2" square) because it's the easiest to make. Once you've mastered the pattern, the smaller ones will go together quickly.

OVERVIEW: Because of the nature of Cuddle, I cut my squares 1" bigger, fuse interfacing, then cut them down to size. This reduces shedding and curling, and minimizes stretching.



1. Cut Cuddle fabric and interfacing. 

2. Determine the stretch of the fabric and interfacing. Each stretches more in one direction. Place Cuddle WRONG side up with stretch going vertical. Place Fusi-knit on top with stretch going horizontal. Follow manufacturer's directions and fuse from the BACK of the Cuddle. 

By fusing the stretch in different directions, you've stabilized the fabric!

3.  Cut Cuddle to 5" squares.

4.  Place each square wrong side up and mark the middle on the back of each piece. I put them on my mat and mark a bunch at once.

5. When you are done, the back of each should look like this:


All seams are 1/4"! Backstitch when you begin and end seams.

1. Fold ribbon in half (WST) to make a loop. 

2.  Using the following layout, place the ribbon on the RIGHT side of the Cuddle so the ends of loop are on marks. Your ribbon should extend about a 1/4" off the fabric. Pin ribbon in place, then baste using a 1/8" seam.

3. Using a fabric marker, write the corresponding number on the back of each square. This makes things less confusing! 

4. With RST, sew #2 to #3, then #3 to #4 as shown. Make sure you backstitch!

A walking foot makes this go a lot easier! You can also extend your stitch length to about 3 mm.
5.  With RST, place #1 on top of #2 as shown. Note the placement of the ribbon! Line up at marks.

6. Sew along the edge as shown (with #1 on top). STOP with your needle down when you are 1/4" from the end of #1. Your needle should be near or in the seam that joins #2 and #3.

7. Make sure your needle is down and lift your presser foot.


8. Take the lower left corner of #1 and rotate it so that it lines up with the bottom right corner of #3. Line up your marks. Fiddle and fuss with it a bit. 

NOTE: once you've rotated #1, it should extend 1/4" below #3!

9. Continue sewing until you are 1/4" from the end. Stop with needle down, and rotate #1. Fiddle and fuss a bit and line up marks. Everything should line up (it will NOT be 1/4" longer!).

10.  Repeat for #5 - I found it easiest to place #5 on top of #4 with ribbon on the top and the right side. Double check placement. With RST and #5 on top, sew #5 to cube. 

When you are done, it should look like this!

Only one side to go!

11. With RST, place #6 on any of the side pieces, lining up and pinning at one of the mid points. This will be where you start sewing. TIP: I place a pin on my marks, so when I rotate, I line up the pins - this is easier than trying to find the marks.

12. With #6 on top, start at the mark and sew around the cube, stopping and rotating as you did before. 

When you rotate the last turn, take a few stitches and stop and backstitch. 

13. Turn right side out through the hole. 

14. Stuff with Fairfield Polyester fiberfill. It should be firm.

15. Using a ladder stitch, hand sew opening closed. 

Here's the tiny one-it's 2 1/2" square! Be patient when making these. Once they are stuffed, any wonkiness goes away! 

To make other sizes, cut Cuddle and interfacing 5" (and fuse. Then cut down to 4"). To make the smallest size, cut 4" and fuse, then cut to 3".

Want this in PDF? Download the free pattern in my Craftsy Pattern Store!

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You can purchase Shannon Cuddle on

UPDATE: And be sure to check out the Cuddle Beach Ball I made from the free pattern at The Purl Bee!

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