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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Smartphone+ Wristlet Pattern

I've been working on this pattern for a week and FINALLY got it done. 

Here are all my practice wristlets. I wrote up the pattern while making one (the multi-colored one). Then made changes and made another (the blue Kaffe Fasset one). Then tweaked (the black and turquoise one). Then printed my final pattern and made one following the directions EXACTLY (the hockey one).

It has two exterior zippered pockets (one on each side).
The inside has eight pockets for ID, credit cards, loyalty cards, whatever.

This is designed for people who travel light - it's small and thin. 
The outside closes with what I call a 'Round About Zipper. This was the challenge part: (1) figure out how to do it and (2) figure out how to tell YOU to do it! Doing it is easy; writing directions is not-so-easy!
The final size is 6 1/2" x 4 3/4'" x 1/2" - my big smartphone zips inside.

FYI - I made these with both TALON and YKK zippers. I prefer YKK - they are easier to open and close.
Once you get the hang of the zipper, it's quite easy! I used a lot of painter's tape to hold it together while I sewed it in. The pattern includes this zipper tutorial with full-color pictures.

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  1. Is there a way to make an extra page type thing inside it (to hold more cards)?
    Instead of card holders on each side could you make one side pockets for small items like chapstick, etc? or maybe one big pocket for the phone (it feels like it would be more secure that way)?

    1. Thanks for the ideas! The first one I made included a pocket for a phone but it added too much bulk - it's only a 1/2" thick (the zipper). I tried some variations but kept running into that problem. You could very easily make this an inch wider and longer to fit a pocket that is designed to hold your particular phone - but then it's bigger! I might play around today to see about adding a phone pocket to the outside - and include that as an option!

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  3. I think these instructions are wonderful! However an actual pattern would have made this tutorial better, even if the person using it needs to make it larger. The pattern sure would spend the time making it up! I haven't made it yet. However I will give you updates. I guess I am a little intimidated because I am making it for a relative as a gift and I only 4 days to make it, hopefully without any mistakes. I will provide you with updates.

  4. The pattern calls for quilted fabric. Can I use just regular cotton fabric? I have adorable fabric that I love and would like to use to make this?

    1. It's quilting-weight fabric - not pre-quilted I think you DO have the correct fabric!! YAY!! I've revised that pattern to make it bigger!


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