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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing Clan

Hanging On By A Thread
When I closed my sewing studio in May 2012, my regulars understood why. But we all mourned a bit. The location had become a bit of a hang out for us with the classes becoming more than classes. Thanks to wonderful weather and busy schedules, we managed to make it through the Summer; but when Fall rolled around we pined for the good 'ole days.

So a few months ago we decided to start meeting in the local library - once a month - on Sundays. It was a chance to catch-up, chat, and get some insights on our sewing. We started with five and, within a few months, the group has almost doubled in size, with friends inviting friends. We started calling ourselves, "Hanging On By A Thread." And yes, we even have a logo!

What I like about it is that it's informal; there's no meeting, no agenda, no to-do list. Intuitively, we know what to bring - I bring ironing and cutting boards, irons, and extension cords while others bring snacks, more cutting boards and extension cords, and new projects. And we never seem to be missing anything. We even have a Facebook Group where we post comments and pictures. And our meeting yesterday turned into a Pampered Chef party!

Trigger Tote!
When I opened my studio, I wanted it to be a hangout - a social place where people with different jobs and backgrounds could come together. And I think we succeeded. So when I look at that picture above, I am so thankful for everyone who helped me and supported me. Because if it wasn't for those three exhausting years, I would have never met any of my wonderful friends who are hanging on by a thread!

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