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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making A Strap Quick Tip!

I've been fine-tuning my pattern for this smartphone+ wristlet. The pattern I started with has morphed into 15 pages because I added different pocket options. It seems like it's taking forever to get this thing written! And daylight saving time, although nice, cut an hour out of my Sunday!
Once I get a pattern drafted, I go through it step-by-step. This one (for my nephew's girlfriend) included a combination of all my ideas. As I made it, I corrected and added to the existing pattern. It's done, so now I will print out the entire document and make one more. I've become quite an expert at making these! 
Here's a quick top. There is a strap on this wristlet. To make it, I needed to fold the end of the strap fabric back 1/2". So rather than guess, on the right side, I drew a line that is 1/2" from the end. 
I then flipped the fabric over, folded it at the line, and pressed!                                   That's my simple tip of the day!

UPDATED: The pattern is now available in my CRAFTSY PATTERN SHOP!


  1. Hi there!

    I was wondering what happened to this pattern, I can't find it in your Craftsy store.

    1. Hi Ann! I took it down because I ended up adding more pockets to it. I hope to get it finished up today and posted!

  2. I had the pattern for this version of the wristlet, and have made a few. I love it! I used it as my everyday "purse" with the ingenious outside cell phone pocket. The twill tape straps keeps the phone secure but easy to get to. I've worn mine out again but can't for the life of me find it. I sure would love to be able to buy this particular version again, but can't find it on the internet anywhere.

    1. Yes, I removed the pattern because the pocket is too small for most cell phones. But... you are right, I really need to post it for people who want something smaller. It's kinda crazy, because it's what I use as a wallet (mine doesn't have the cell phone pocket). And, like you, mine is almost worn out! Thanks for the little nudge and for getting me thinking!

    2. Wow, Bia! Thank you for your quick response! I'm hoping that means you'll list it again. To that end, I will keep checking back in case you do indeed post this original size again in the future. Thanks for giving it added consideration. Keep up your great blog and tutorials/patterns.


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