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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shannon Fabrics!

When I was teaching classes in my studio, I corresponded with a woman who helped me select patterns for my classes. We've both moved on to bigger and better things but stayed in touch along the way. She's now working for Shannon Fabrics - maker of some really awesome plush fabric!

I've never paid much attention to any fabric like this because I thought that I would never use it. I don't have kids; my nieces and nephews are all older... and my friends are a weeeee bit too old to be having children! So, yes, I incorrectly thought that this fabric was for making blankets for children and babies.

Fez, Morocco
But when she contacted me about creating a project/pattern, I started thinking about what I could make. Then I checked out their new fabric line, Majestic...and fell in LOVE! I've been to Morocco and the fabric really captures the incredible mosaic tile that I saw all over Fez.

So Project #1 was born: to make a pouf out of Majestic. I selected Mirage as the primary fabric I'd work with. 

This fabric will probably arrive in the next month or so!! YEAH!

Then I went to work planning Project #2 - something right up my alley - a purse.  Since it's almost Spring, I selected Lagoona by Dana Brooks. My favorite? Jaguar! I picked out some plain fabric and some satin. And LOOKEEEE at what came in the mail today! YEAH! Over the next few weeks, I'll be sketching up a purse design and will get this sewn together.

Here's my lesson - when I saw the prints, I realized that plush fabric is for more than just blankets - and began to see it as a velvet alternative. I became a Shannon Fabrics fan on Pinterest and soon after, I spotted this beautiful "scrunchie scarf" from Whimsy Couture. It's kind of amazing because the first homemade gifts I made (15 years ago) were velvet scarfs!

I think this adventure has pushed me out of my winter hibernation and got my brain warmed up and moving again. Thank you Shannon Fabrics!

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