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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sewing Machine Cabinet

After three years of running a sewing studio (while working a full-time teaching job), I closed up shop and moved home.  But I was left with a tough decision: do I keep or sell a few of my cutting and sewing tables? I measured and measured and configured but nothing worked. They were 81" x 36" = too big for my little 10' x 11" sewing room.

I finally made the tough decision to sell all my tables and chairs (and miscellaneous stuff) and buy myself a HORN sewing machine cabinet and drawer unit

To keep my sewing room consistent with the rest of my house, I selected the Beech finish. And as much as I loved the cabinet, the ugly shiny brass nobs - ick - were a different story. So while it was being shipped, I dug around and found some brushed nickel nobs left over from my kitchen reno!

I purchased the cabinet from my local dealer (about 40 miles away). Their pricing was fantastic and, here's the kicker, they volunteered to put it together for me!
Thankfully people were fighting for my studio tables (they are pretty darn awesome!), so getting rid of them was easy. Getting the cabinet home from the dealer...well...that was a different story. It's big and heavy and I drive a Toyota Corolla. My guy has a Subaru. And my friends have cute little cars -- but thankfully one volunteered her husband's Jeep Cherokee. And after some measuring, we determined that it would fit. 

It's home now and I'm getting things set up. I cannot believe how much the little sewing drawer unit holds! I also decided to keep the hinged drop leaf up permanently and put some storage units under it.

I'll be posting more pictures soon. Right now, I am happy with how my sewing room is progressing. Everything from my studio will be home this weekend, then I'll spend a week sorting and organizing. Then it's on to sewing! Want to learn more about this cabinet? Watch the video...and you might be tempted!

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