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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Understanding the Transit Tote

When I decided to create the Transit Tote, I was inspired by this cosmetic bag that I had been using every day to store my make-up. I think it was from Lancome? Clinique? Estee Lauder? Who knows. I loved it and knew that I could modify it to fit my traveling needs. 

I had to adapt my Inside-Out Zipper Technique quite a bit to make this, but in the end, it's something that I'll be using to design a lot of other patterns.

I am not a fussy sewer. In a way, I'm more of an engineer who sews. That seems odd to those who know me. I'm not an engineer. In fact, my math skills end with geometry. I teach college...and I teach nothing remotely close to engineering... or art for that matter. I teach communication. But I've always loved technical writing, so writing patterns is fairly easy (and fun) for me. I am an efficient person; I streamline just about everything I come in contact with. Maybe I watched the original Cheaper By The Dozen a few too many times. FYI...if you watch the original, you'll be introduced to Frank and Lillian Gilbreth - pioneers of time and motion studies. Lillian Gilbreth invented lots of things that make our lives easier - like the foot-pedal trash can and egg/butter trays in refrigerators.

So figuring out how to make this cosmetic bag became a challenge. I made a few rough drafts and got it on the third take.

Here's what you end up working with:

1. A lid and a bottom.

 This is the lid (inside).

The lid (outside). The gray dotted fabric is the handle.

There's a bottom piece that is similar.

2.  A zipper panel.

This goes together using the Inside-Out Zipper Technique.

When the zipper panel is complete, it looks like this.

And those three pieces get sewn together:

Sewing the bottom to the zipper panel. It's a bit cumbersome, but nothing too difficult. There are a lot of layers, so I used a jeans needle and went slowly.

The bottom is on! Now I'm sewing the lid to the zipper.

Those Wonder Clips are a life-saver!

The assembly is counter-intuitive. If you bought the pattern you'll probably wonder what I was thinking...but don't give up. Just take each step one at a time. Trust looks more complex than it actually is!

Here it is. This was the third one I made.

And the back.

I'm back to work soon, but I plan on developing a backpack pattern using this technique. I bought a cute artist notebook at TJ Maxx and already began sketching it.


  1. well you had right inspiration that’s why your work is quite amazing and hope you continue in same manner.

  2. amazing work and gr8 color combination used

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