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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making a Pleated Mesh Pocket

Yesterday I wrote about mesh pockets, so here's how you can make a pleated mesh pocket. These are great for bigger items. This is the side panel/gusset piece for a big tote bag that I use when I'm traveling.

You'll need mesh. I use laundry bags and hampers. And you'll need binding. I make my own - here's my tutorial.

1. Measure your pocket. I made mine 2" wider and about 4" shorter (2" top and 2" bottom) than the side panel. Cut your mesh.

2. The pocket top binding is the width that I cut (2" wider) BUT the bottom is the width of the side panel/gusset.

3. Add the binding to the top of the pocket. Here's some help.

4. Open the bottom binding and mark the middle. Ignore the other marks here-I was experimenting!

5. Next, using this as a guide, sew the binding to the mesh BUT stop at the middle mark.

6. Remove from your machine.

7. Line other (unsewn) end of the mesh up with the the other end of the binding. You'll have excess fabric in the middle.

8. Move the extra fabric so it's out of the way and, starting at the middle point, sew the remainder binding to the mesh. DON'T sew the pleat yet!

9. Remove from your machine.

10. Press pleat flat as shown.


11. Sew pleat in place. It will look like this.

Notice that the pocket bottom is narrower than the top.

12. Flip binding to right side.  Attach mesh pocket to your project by sewing it along the TOP and the BOTTOM of the binding.

How will you use mesh pockets!?

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