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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Clipster with HipKlip!

I've been busy fine-tuning the Clipster design! And I've been corresponding with Allison from HipKlips! I have been putting carabiners on my little bags, but she sent me a pair of HipKlips! LOVE THEM!!

I'm belt free! This little bag was perfect to go out to dinner. I just threw my phone in the pocket on the back, slipped some lip balm and cash in one zippered pocket and my ID and credit card in the other pocket! I clipped my house key to the HipKlip!

Here's the back pocket on one I made from my niece's ACUs!

Here's a link to the pattern, available in my Etsy Shop!  

If you are interested in purchasing one of my Clipsters, you'll find some in my Etsy Shop!


  1. "Large" describing the grommet is a rather vague term and, since grommets come in a finite number of sizes, dimensions would be most helpful...and those dimensions would be? Sources of materials would also be a bonus, i.e., zipper pulls, zippers. You don't have to endorse anyone, just give some potentials. This is just a suggestion without knowing if that's allowed on Craftsy. If it is, I know you're busy, but some of us are busy, as well.

    1. This project doesn't use grommets. I think you mean eyelets; if that is the case, yes, they do come in a finite number of sizes. With Dritz, the packages are labeled Eyelets, Large Eyelets, and Extra Large Eyelets. When consulting with my product testers, they preferred that I keep it simple (try to avoid numbers), so I did.

      As for including product sources/links, I've found that it's best to stay away from that. Websites change and products become unavailable (as is the case with the zipper pulls in the pictures).

      Before purchasing any of my patterns, keep in mind that most are written like this. There might be a pattern designer who better fits with your approach.

  2. Does the pattern include sewing instructions?

    1. Yes it does. There are no pattern pieces; instead, it's all cut with a rotary cutter.


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