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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Purse Insert...part 2!

On Tuesday I posted some pictures of my current project - a purse insert. One of my readers commented that she'd like some snaps or something to keep the big center pocket closed. Well....great minds think alike! I added snaps!

 Here's what it looks like with the snaps closed (it's empty).

Next, I stuffed it with my toiletries and snapped it closed. These are great snaps - I used the SnapSetter Tool and snaps from SnapSource. I prefer it to the pliers - it gets it right every time. The snaps from SnapSource have longer prongs, so they grip the fabric better!

And here it is opened.

Right now, I'm finalizing the pattern I'm done- Here it is! - I've made five of these. What I typically do is jot down some notes while I make one. Then I make some design revisions and rewrite my notes. Then I write the pattern; then, following the directions, I make another one! Then I put the pattern away and, a few days later, go back to it. I make more revisions to the pattern - yes, I occasionally write things that make sense at the time but make no sense two days later! It takes some time to write and edit the directions.


  1. Thank you Bia!!! Now I am just waiting for the pattern!!

    1. YAY! I'm putting the final touches on's a boat day, though. Time to head out on the my sewing must wait!


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