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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Living Room Curtains

A few weeks ago, I ordered some new curtains for my living room. I wrote about my "do I make them or buy them dilemma?" in this post. I ended up buying some online and LOVE them. They did not come without problems, however. They were too long and the hem for the rod was too big - consequently, I hated how they hung.

It took only a little bit of work to go from  the big hem - designed to fit almost any sized curtain rod....

 the smaller hem that hugs this curtain rod better. All I did was lengthen my stitches and use a 1" seam allowance. Super easy to do.

I then rehung them to determine the bottom hem. My next step was to rip out the existing hem, press it flat, and fold it up. I didn't have to cut any extra fabric. So my bottom hem is about 5", which I'm fine with.

And here they are. It was really sunny when I took this picture! Happy May! 

And if you are wondering, I got the suitcases at the Salvation Army about eleven years ago. My dad added the legs to the huge trunk to make it into a table.

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