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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sewing Room: Banker Boxes

I am in the process of getting my new sewing space organized. Here is my simple method: get things situated to the best of your ability, then simply use the area. Once you do that, pay attention to what tools you use, where you put those tools, and what you need close by. 

I'm in a small space (about 10' x 11'), so I ended up using part of my basement as a cutting area. I also stored rarely used items down there. My sewing room houses my sewing machine (in a Horn Cabinet), my 4' x 3' ironing table, my laptop, and all my fabric, thread, and books.

Because my sewing room is on the first floor, it needs to look presentable. I like things to look good - I like symmetry and order. My first order of business was converting some Bankers Boxes into cute storage:


Mod Podge
Paint brush (I used a cheap, throw-away one...not foam...I wear those out)
Banker Box
Delta Ceramcoat All-Purpose Sealer
White Spray Paint (for priming)
Pink Spray Paint (for box top)
Old sewing patterns
Small trash cans (or something to put the boxes on as they dry)

1. Prime and spray paint the printed area of the box and lid. If you skip this step, the lettering will show through once you glue the patterns on. One thing I didn't do that I wish I did: prime and paint the box bottom. I have wire shelving and whenever I sit down and look up, I see the ugly writing on the bottom!

Brush some sealer over the lettering on the box and let this dry. This seals the cardboard and helps the white spray paint stick.

Spray white spray paint over the part you sealed. Let dry.

2. Mod Podge the patterns on the box. I did this with reckless abandon. It wrinkled. It tore. I put two layers in some areas to add more print from the pattern.

I wrapped it around the top of the box and into the inside. I did the same for the bottom.

Let dry.

3. Spray paint the lids in a color of your choice. I am not a good spray painter! It's a bit blotchy which I think is from not shaking the can enough. I will probably clear-coat this to even things out.

Let dry.

4. Add a label -- which I haven't done yet. I change what's in these boxes, so I want a label that is removable. I've looked for cute options and found this one from Sew May Ways. It's made from pipe straps. She also made some from switch plates. Her sewing room is's also the size of my house!

I used one pattern to cover two boxes. If you want more coverage, use the pattern directions that are made from paper. 

Isn't Mod Podge wonderful!?

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