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Friday, February 3, 2012

Buying A Sewing Machine: Maintenance

Now that you've bought a machine, you can get busy sewing and quilting. But your sewing machine is just like your car: it needs regular maintenance! Lint, thread, dust, dirt, broken needles and pins can all jam your machine and ruin your investment.

Almost every time I turn my machine on, I remove lint and give it a quick brushing (with the little brush that came with it). If my project is especially linty, I clean and oil more often - especially in the feed dog area. Every machine is a little different, though. My Bernina has a front-loading bobbin and metal parts, so it needs to be oiled more often. Please talk to your dealer and refer to your owner's manual for guidance. But DON'T BE AFRAID of hurting your machine! They are designed for this!

  1. Use oil designed for a sewing machine. So, no WD-40!
  2. Try to avoid blowing compressed air into your machine. If you aren't careful, you'll blow all the lint INSIDE of it! I prefer a Micro Vacuum Kit like this one from Amazon. It attaches to a vacuum hose and sucks all the lint out!
  3. Lint may be under the stitch plate, so take it off and clean in there. 
  4. Read this article from Threads on Preventive Sewing Machine Maintenance.

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