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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Buying A Sewing Machine: Found One. Now What?

So you've decided on a machine, now what? You purchase it! 

  • Try to save money: see if they take trade-ins. Often you can trade in an old machine and use that money to purchase your new machine. Some dealers will take anything, even machines that don't work. Some offer special "no interest" rates if you buy on credit. Some offer a discount if you pay with cash. Some will give you a deal if you purchase more than one machine. Some provide discounts on accessories if you buy them that day. Ask! 
  • Schedule your Owner's Classes: this is where you'll learn to use the machine, it's features, the feet, etc. You've paid for the machine, so you need to learn how to use it to it's fullest extent. It will also help you establish a relationship with your dealer and learn about other classes they offer.

  • Ask about the service agreement: most dealers will give you free cleaning for the first year or two. So ask and make a note of it. In most cases, it's one year from the date of purchase. When they clean it, they can get into areas that you can't. If you take the machine apart (other than what is recommended), it may void the warranty, so leave it up to them.

  • Ask them how to maintain it: they'll show you what you should do to take care of your machine. They usually go over this during your Owner's Classes. This usually involves removing lint (with that brush you get) and oiling. They'll show you what oil you need! Only use sewing machine oil!

  • Keep track of your paperwork: put the receipt in a file so you can find it if you have warranty issues. Keep your owner's manual'll need it. One of my friends took her manual apart, three-hole punched it, and put it in a three-ring binder.

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