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Saturday, October 8, 2016


I began this blog in January 2012, a few months before I closed my sewing studio (SewYouCan). I've been blogging for over 4 1/2 years (well...not really. I haven't posted in months!); I've had a lot of fun reading comments, writing posts, and creating/sharing patterns and tips.

I filed my DBA in 2004 (Ms.Elaineous) and began designing and selling purses and totes. That morphed into other things...all sewing related. But a few years ago, my job, the one that actually pays the bills, began to take over most of my free time. I tried to balance sewing and working to no avail. Truth be told, I haven't sewn much in a year. Yes...a year. In fact, I know exactly what I've made: a tepee, a transit tote, a purse insert (transformed into a dopp kit), and, most recently, a pillow.

Rather than sew, I've been managing social media accounts for my running club and for my university department. It's my new creative outlet. I've been so successful that if things work out, I'll spend next year researching the use of social media for academic recruiting.

I do and I don't miss sewing. I do miss designing, problem-solving, and helping people. I don't miss the toxic notes from people who don't like my patterns (even the free ones!), or who hate how I write (then tell me how I should be doing it..."more pictures!"), or who dislike my approach (balance of text and images); people who claim that they can't download my pattern but never bought my pattern (thief!); people who claim I copied their pattern (didn't). People who bought a pattern and forgot that they bought it...and complain to their credit card company...then email me, "Ooops! I remember now!" (I still get charged a $20 fee). I don't miss the nasty competitiveness (yes, sewing is a cut-throat business). I'm not kidding. I do this for fun. It's not fun anymore. I get enough backlash from my students (I teach public speaking). I don't need it here. Sure, it's not too common and a vast majority of the people I deal with are fantastic, but it's just time to move on to other things.

I'll leave this blog here; I know that people still visit (thanks!). But from this point on, I'll keep my little sewing projects to myself!


  1. Best wishes in your new chosen activities! I first discovered your website after a web search for a lanyard.:-)Thank you for sharing your ideas. ~ Barbi

  2. I discovered you via Craftsy. I have a couple of your purchased patterns and picked up a number of free patterns from you also. I have learned a number of new sewing tidbits and for that I am grateful that you shared your experience. Good luck with your future endeavours! Sound like you have a lot on the go!

  3. I have enjoyed your Blog and hope you will not shut it down completely as there is so much wonderful information in your posts.

    Good luck with all you choose to do in the future.

  4. Thanks for all the information and ideas you have provided to us. Good luck to you!

  5. Sorry to hear you will not be continuing to spread your sewing wisdom to the beginners and intermediates like me. I have only just found your patterns and now there won't be any more.

    I am sorry that there are such idiots out there that make your response the norm nowadays.

    Good luck with your future social media enterprises and other endeavors.

  6. I was looking through your blog, liked what you sewed and wanted to add you, only to find you closed your blog 3 weeks ago. Hopefully you are a lot happier now in your life - best wishes from England :)

  7. I have gone through your complete post it is so interesting. Thanks for providing the updates. The bags are very nice and best of luck for your work!


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