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Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally! Summer (for me)!

I turned my grades in and have begun my summer! What this means is that I work from home (at my convenience) and have time to sew and work on my house. Yesterday I started scraping old paint and carpet glue off the cement on my screened in porch. My back is killing me, and I only got about 5 sq. ft removed, but it's better than it was on Saturday. Today I mow the lawn and write a few letters of recommendation. And recuperate from grading and celebrating the graduation of my students.

My roles at work (Mansfield University of PA) have really evolved - and will be my priority this summer. I'll still be sewing and trying to get patterns published, but my main goal is to actively recruit more students to study communication at Mansfield University. We might be a small university, but what my colleagues and I offer is a lot of individual attention...and a lot of tough love! I run my department's social media platforms  - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and work with the university's social media team. It's fun and I get to be creative.

So here's a little taste of my life at work (that's me in the green jacket...wrapped up in a scarf...yes, it gets cold in northern PA!):

I won't stop blogging -  because I love to share what I'm doing - but I won't be able to keep up with it like I have in the past. I do have several projects that I've been working on...since last summer! Yikes! They all involve a zipper technique that I developed (I think?!)!

In the meantime, though, it's time to get mowing!

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