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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smartphone Wallet eXtra

I started making smartphone wallets over a year ago. One of the first ones was a gift for a friend of mine. Recently, I went to visit her...and to say that her wallet was a dirty mess is an understatement. She told me that she loved it and used it all the time...yeah, I could tell. The constant open/close/open/close broke the zipper pull right off.

Upon closer inspection, I saw part of the problem. I designed the smartphone wallet for someone like me - a light traveler. It wasn't made to hold a lot of things like loyalty cards, receipts, and credit cards. Her smartphone wallet was packed that I'm amazed that the zipper even closed. 

But it got me thinking. I wanted to make her another that wasn't so that had more room to stuff things in. When I returned home, I got to work. The first one I made was a PAIN. I created a 1.5" zippered gusset. It was cumbersome to sew together and there were raw seams on the inside. I tried to wrap bias tape around the edges but gave up and ripped it out. My next attempt involved encasing the raw edges with a simple zig-zag stitch. That worked... but it looked UGLY. 

I almost gave up. But something happened that really (and I mean REALLY) angered and frustrated me. Rather than let it get to me, I became incredibly motivated to figure out how to make THIS work - without any raw edges and binding. I channeled my mom and my inner-engineer. And then applied some in-the-hoop embroidery techniques.

After one practice wallet (made out of muslin), I ended up with this. It's 7" x 5" x 1" - on the outside, it's the same as my other smartphone wallet. But you can see here, it's got a 1" zippered gusset.

The inside has one zippered pockets, one zippered pouch (that's attached at the bottom), and a divided pocket for loyalty cards, credit cards....

There is PLENTY of room in here, so the next one I make will have another zippered pouch...or maybe another divided pocket. I might put a divided pocket on the side with the zipper....she has a lot of stuff. 

She asked that I keep the smartphone pocket on the back. I still have to add the eyelet. 


This is what it will look like....

In my excitement, I messed up the zipper. Really, though, it was the least of my concerns....I just wanted to get it done and see if it worked!

There are no raw edges. None. =) And sewing it together is actually quite simple!

I'm off to mow my lawn (the sun FINALLY came out)...but then I'm back to sewing! I plan on using this one as model when I make the next one! Once I get the techniques perfected, I'll get a pattern written up! YAY!

Here's an update on the wallet.


  1. That looks great so far and very promising as well. I'm one that has a million loyalty cards. I actually have a group that are in a separate holder that stay at home unless we're going on a trip as those we don't need otherwise.

    1. Yes! Those loyalty cards are a PAIN! I bet there's an app that would take care of all of them!

  2. I just finished making my first "practice" wallet. I love it! It turned out so well that I'm using it as my everyday wallet. I wasn't so sure about putting in the gusset, but it wasn't bad at all! I put a phone pocket on the back, so I also put a zipper pocket on the inside so I could turn it RSO. Beside the zipper inside, I also put 5 single card pockets. I now have 9 card slots for my credit cards and all the loyalty cards. The slots are stuffed, but the wallet is not bulging nor heavy (except for my smartphone lol). Thank you for a great pattern!

    1. YAY! Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing. If you bought the pattern on Craftsy, be sure to share your project so others can see it!

    2. Oh.... never thought of that! I will do that! I'm currently just finishing one for my daughter. I know she'll love it!

    3. Thanks! I usually post things like this on my Facebook page!

    4. Kay - let me know if you are interested in testing my patterns. I've have quite a few that use that same zipper technique - I'd send you the pattern and, at your convenience, you make it and give me feedback. Send me an email at Thanks!


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