Sunday, February 10, 2013

UpCycled Sweatshirt...Purse

Yesterday I wrote about a purse I saw on Pinterest - it was for sale on Amazon - and made from sweatshirt fabric. I was inspired to make my own using an old Penn State Alumni Sweatshirt.

It took some work to get the measurements where I wanted them to be, but here it is!

I made some changes based on the feedback about the original purse - mainly that it was a bit too thin.

The inside is really basic - just one pocket. The next one I make will have an exterior zippered pocket and a toggle for the drawstring. Yeah, not that efficient to tie, untie, tie, untie. There is a magnetic closure at the top.

For more information on this purse and some tutorials, please click on the "Sweatshirt Purse" in the label section to the right!  


  1. Wow........Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Loved the pattern.

    1. YAY! Thanks. BTW, love your dresses. They are adorable.


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