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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sparty On! Pillow

A few weeks ago I downloaded a Michigan embroidery design (applique) and made myself a Michigan pillow. My friend (who I work with) saw it and fell in love...see, she's from Michigan, too. Except she went to Michigan State. Not to sound like Mona Lisa Vito, oldest sister went to Michigan State, my other sister went to Michigan State, my sister-in-law went to Michigan State, my nephew went to Michigan State, most of my friends went to Michigan State....get the picture? I, however, went to Central Michigan then moved on to...Penn State (OK, they weren't in the Big Ten when I was there).

Nonetheless, I actually volunteered to make my friend a Sparty On! pillow that celebrates both her hometown and her alma mater. And here it is. It's quilted with strips of green and white. The finished size is 12" x 16." I appliqued blue polar fleece to create the Michigan shape...hey, it's the Great Lake State! The heart is bigger than what I wanted, but any smaller and it would have disappeared into the fleece. 

I can't take a picture of my hand (Michiganders will get that), here is my personal map.
One of these days I'll make a maroon and gold one for my house. Fire Up Chips!!

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