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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Embroidering on T-Shirts

My friend's sister-in-law opened a yoga studio and on Monday I'm taking a class. I work out but... this will be a big change. I run and I have no flexibility. I don't know what has me more concerned: doing yoga in a 110 degree room or doing yoga for 90 minutes! Nonetheless, I embroidered some t-shirts for us.

I love personalized, embroidered t-shirts, but they can be a bit tricky. So I recommend reading this great article from Embroidery Library on embroidering on t-shirts. Additionally, here are my tips:

1. Pre-wash your t-shirt.

2. Use a ballpoint needle. For these I used a Schmetz Stretch 11/75. This is a knit so that's why I use a ballpoint.

3. I used an iron on tear-away stabilizer (like Sulky Totally Stable) first. This is paper and when it's ironed to your t-shirt, it makes it stiff and not stretchy. Then it just tears away when you are done. The only purpose to to keep the t-shirt from stretching when the design is stitched on. I prefer this to spray adhesive.

4.  Mark AFTER you've ironed the stabilizer. I do this because I worry about the heat from my iron permanently fusing the marks to my t-shirt. 

5. Add a cutaway stabilizer. For most t-shirts I use a medium weight. 

6. Follow the hooping directions at Embroidery Library. The hair clip idea is genius.

If you like the yoga design, you can find it at Embroidery Library.


  1. I love Emb Library designs and tutorials. I buy often. May I ask what machine do you have. I have a Brother PE-700...FIESTA!!!

    1. They are great and I love their project tutorials. I have a Husqvuarna Viking Designer SE. I got it about six years ago. It's really easy to use. Of course a year after I bought it, the dealer moved to another state! What do you like to embroider?


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