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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Sewing Frenzy Part One: Apron


UPDATE: The holidays are approaching, so I thought I'd repost one of my favorite patterns! I originally shared this in December 2012.

I turned my grades in and have been crazy trying to get caught up making Christmas gifts. So here the first gift: my friend’s ruffled apron with bib.

I used Alysa’s Awesome Apron pattern to make it – and then added the bib using an idea I saw on Sew4Home. I made only one change – I cut this bib 10” x 11” because the band on the apron comes up fairly high.


Here’s the monogram – from Digistitches.

The apron is done! I attacked my stash to make this - I had to adjust the pattern because I didn’t have enough fabric. I made the band from one piece of fabric and narrowed it by folding it over once.

The ruffles are easy to make! Just check out my tutorial.

apron pattern

Here’s the original. I have to say, I love the bib!
I’m in the process of modifying the pattern so it makes more sense. (DONE!) It’s amazes me how clear something can be when I’ve have been working on it…but put it away for six months, and yikes…what does this mean?!

UPDATE: I added a bib to the apron to my original Christmas apron (above). I used a hand towel - I cut it in a trapezoid shape: 11" on the bottom and 8" on the top. It's 10" tall. After I cut it out, I made 2" double-fold bias tape and sewed it around the three sides -- the bottom of the towel was already seamed. It's adorable! 

You can find all the directions in my Alysa's Awesome Apron pattern.

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