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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diaper Changing Pad

I have been finishing up some baby-related items - my final project? The diaper changing pad. I think this is pretty awesome. I'm not a mom but when I was designing this I kept my friends in mind. How do you hold a baby while simultaneously folding the changing pad? I've seen lots of cute ones online but they weren't practical. They rolled or had ties. That seemed like too much work.

So this is what I came up with. I made if from PUL, high loft polyester batting, and cotton fabric. It was really easy to make (thanks to a great sewing machine and a walking foot)...until I got to the bias binding. What was I thinking? I am quite comfortable with bias binding... but what about the inside corner? I've never done an inside corner. I started to panic. So I went looking online and found this great tutorial - it helped but ...(1) the pictures were a bit confusing and (2) my changing pad was bulky due to the PUL (waterproof fabric) and the batting. I practiced and practiced and finally figured it out. 

And here's the final product!

The sides fold in.

The bottom comes up and the handle slips through the hole.

And the top folds down.

It's reversible! So you can have the PUL side up or down.

I need to make one more to get the pattern written up. It make take a while. I just finished grading 78 speeches and start the second round later this week. The upside is that my Fall Break is this weekend! YAY!

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