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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning Styles: Are you a Dreamer?

So...are you a dreamer? 

This is my third installment of Learning Styles and Sewing. It's a parody of Learning Styles that was developed my David Kolb.

Creative Dreamers are what Kolb referred to as Divergers. They like to have personal connections to ideas. This styles feels a strong connection to people...and not so much theories and concepts. Individuals with this learning style are often drawn to careers like art, journalism, social work, theater...

When Divergers learn to sew/quilt, they usually have a bunch of project ideas-in fact, they love to collect books, magazines, patterns, etc. Some sketch, some tear them out of magazines. They thrive when they are brainstorming around other people.

The only problem is that they aren't always good at acting on those ideas. They get easily overwhelmed and bogged down by the possibilities. When it comes to projects, sometimes they freeze and sometimes they shop with reckless abandon...collecting just in case. Then all their fabric sits and sits and sits.

If you need ideas and want a shot of creativity, talk to a Diverger. They will get you charged up!

Next lesson...The Planner. This person is a thinker who is attached more to expert ideas and theories.

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