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Friday, August 3, 2012

Slipcover Update: The Hem And DONE!

Finally! Hemming the bottom of the slipcover. The end is in sight. This was the easiest step of the entire project. I kept it plain - no ruffle or pleated front - to maintain the original design of the sofa. I was also a little concerned that a ruffle or pleat would stick out funny. Plus, let's be honest, this is a lot easier!

I decided that I wanted to the feet to show. I really had no choice because I cut the slipcover even with the floor! Oops. But my sofa has cute feet, so it worked. Serendipity!

I put the slipcover and cushions on the sofa - right side out. I took my ruler and marked 2" up from the floor - my entire sofa was on the rug, so it was even.

And I marked all the way around.

I headed to my cutting table and, using a ruler, marked a line 1" up from my marks. I am creating a 1" hem.

That might not seem like much, but bulky seams hang funny. 

I cut on my 1" mark...all the way around. Then I cut ALL the excess fabric off all the seams, leaving about 1/2" to 1". Tedious. But not as tedious as what I was about to do.

I pinned and did a double-check-fitting. Looks good!

I headed to my machine to do what I overcast stitch...on all the raw edges...all. of. the. raw. edges. I went through three bobbins! This will not unravel!

Once I was done, I decided that I would do a zig-zag for my final 1" hem along the bottom. I don't know why I chose this rather over a straight stitch. I do like how it looks. Plus, it won't come unraveled.

VIOLA! All done!

And my cats LOVE IT!

Want to try this? Start at the beginning with Slipcover Courage!

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