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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slipcover Update: The Arms

Time for the arms. These had me a little worried - mainly because they are curved. But with some basic clipping and pinning I got it all figured out! The arms took another 1/2 of a drop cloth. That brings our count up to 2 1/2 drop cloths. 

As with the frame, this is all about draping, marking, pinning, and cutting. 

I started by draping the fabric over the arm. The slipcover/frame is wrong side out.  I gave myself plenty of extra fabric - I double-checked it. You know...measure twice...cut once!

Don't worry about the front of the arm. We tackle that last.


If your arms are like mine, take some pins and stick them in the sofa right under the arm. This will help you gauge how long to cut it (where it meets the floor).

Once again, I marked the outline of the arm and cut 1" bigger.

And then I started pinning.

I had to put a little dart/fold under the arm to smooth out the curve.


And you can see my issue...the frame of my sofa...that little triangle. I took care of that! Thanks for the insight Peaches!

I tucked in some fabric and traced around the frame.

Trimmed...and pinned.

And pinned to the arm piece.

I headed to my sewing machine. In the fifteen or so steps there, I calculated my plan of attack.

And here it is right side out! I did a lot of little bits of clipping around the triangle-shaped insert to get is smooth.

Next...the front of the arms!

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