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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Felines on Fabric

Pets on Quilts

In honor or Pets on Quilts 2012, I thought I'd share a little of my life with my cats. They love to join me in my sewing room.

Star Wars Baby Quilt. Both my cats hung out with me when I made this awesome Star Wars quilt.
 But they wouldn't get off of it.
Still won't move. I bribed them with treats. That usually works.
50th Birthday Quilt. I was on a deadline with this quilt so my polydactyl used her extra toes to move the fabric as l quilted. At first I thought that she was playing...but she's such a sweetie, she was actually helping!

 We both took a nap afterwards!

Sofa Slipcover. Lots of fabric provided ample playtime. Unfortunately, I was not in the mood to play. She loves tents and kept crawling underneath as I tried to pin.

The Peaches Purrrse. OK. She helped me with this one. She's very proud, so I named it after her.

The Pi Pouf. Here's are a few suggestions - don't let your cat sleep on a cardboard box when the (1) cardboard box lid isn't taped closed, (2) the cardboard box contains a bag and in that bag are millions of little polystyrene beads. But always have a camera ready when the cat starts to sink. Poor thing!

This is my friend's cat. The cat survived and my friend went on to make three more Pi Poufs!

Check out Pets on Quilts and see how our furry friends help us make sewing much more fun!

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