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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Little Lightsaber Baby Room: Part 4

Today I decided to take a break from organizing the mess in my basement and make the fitted crib sheet. I used the pattern posted at Sew4Home. I didn't know what to expect - I've never made anything like this before. My main concern, which proved correct, was cutting such a large piece of fabric (the twin sheet), but overall, this was a really easy project!

The first thing I did was cut the elastic out of the fitted sheet. I then ripped out the seams that boxed the corners. Once I was done with that, I pressed it flat.

I moved to my big table to get this cut to size. I had to fold it a few times to get it to fit on the mat. I cut through a few layers.

Because I needed to cut the sheet to 69", I folded it in half and cut it at 34 1/2" - worked great!  This folding thing was something I learned from quilters.

I cut my 8" squares out of each corner.

All done with cutting.

I followed the directions on the pattern and made French seams. I took an additional step and, using the corner of my ironing table, pressed the seams.

One of the time-consuming steps was to press a 3/8" seam around the entire sheet, then press another 3/8" seam around the entire sheet. 

Instead, on the right side I marked at 3/4" (3/8 + 3/8 = 3/4), then....

...used my mark as a pressing line. I pressed the right side to the wrong side.

Using my pressing line as a guide, I tucked under the raw edge and pressed.

This is how I got two 3/8" folds. It's much easier doing it this way.

To make the casing and hem, I sewed along the edge of the fold using my #10 foot -  I lined the bar up with the fold and clicked my needle over one click (or was it two???). 

I left a 1/2" opening to insert my elastic.

The pattern recommended using a small safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing. I preferred using my Dritz Drawstring threader! So much easier!

And here's the fitted crib sheet! I can't wait to see it on the crib. Too bad I don't know anyone around here who has a crib that I could test it out on! I'll be shipping this to California in the next few days. Once I get the OK, I hope to make two more.


  1. I made crib sheets for my daughter many years ago. You're right it is an easy project.

    1. I think if people knew how easy it was, they'd be giving these as gifts!


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