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Monday, April 2, 2012

Foot Book: The Button Hole Foot

The first foot we tried out was the Buttonhole Foot. It's that one foot that you look at then put away because it's a bit of a mystery. But once you get over the fear, a buttonhole foot is actually quite easy to work with.

Husqvarna Viking Foot
Each machine is a bit different, so get out your manual and read about the foot. The instructions will tell you how the foot works. 

We played a bit before we made our actual pages. We made a sandwich with some tear-away stabilizer (you'll find it in the notions section - it's found in rolls and is made for machine embroidery).

Janome Foot

We experimented with corded buttonholes. The smell of fear was in the air, but once we got going, everyone really enjoyed it!

Here is my Foot Book page. I numbered all my samples - I printed the page titles and numbers on fabric sheets.

The flaps open and close. I could have gotten really fancy and sewed the buttons on with a button foot, but I don't own one!

One of my buttonhole buddies put a clear pocket behind the button flaps, so when she unbuttoned it, there was a vinyl pocket where she slipped a note card with notes. Genius.


  1. Did you only have the button and zipper foot? I don't see any tutorials for the rest of the feet?

    1. Hi Angie! Yes, I think this is all I ended up doing - I closed my studio and discontinued classes. The great this is that, once you've created pages, you can do whatever you'd like with the feet that you have!


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