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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilts of Valor Fundraiser

Last month I wrote about our Quilts of Valor Fundraiser - a screening of the documentary "Stitched." It's now the exciting part: the quilt block are rolling in!

Southern Tier Quilts of Valor meets once a month to stitch up some incredible quilts. These quilts are given to service men and women who have been wounded by war. Our group is part of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, which was started by a mom whose son was on a year-long deployment.

As of this date, over 61,000 troops have received quilts. The problem is that every month, QOVF needs 370 quilts and every month they run short. So Southern Tier Quilts of Valor is doing our part to help meet that goal.

By screening Stitched, we are spreading the word about an incredible foundation while recruiting quilters to do something they love. Rather than take monetary donations, we are asking attendees to trade a block for a ticket! This is all done prior to the screening (we have limited seating). So on Friday, Ellen Reilly (who coordinates our group) started her first round of collecting the blocks. And the response has been incredible. 

Not only have we had complete quilts donated (!), by so many of the quilters have given more than just one block. Ellen has visited only three of the nine participating merchants and has collected 46 blocks.

What we love is that we have such a mix of skills levels - from beginners to experienced. Everyone is doing their part. 

Ellen has begun to put these blocks together. Our goal is to have some of the pieced quilts on display in the lobby of the theater. It will give attendees an opportunity to see their work!

And we couldn't have done this without Jena (who directed Stitched) and the contributions from local (and not-so-local) merchants.

Our screening of Stitched will be on Tuesday, March 20th.

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