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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I Love Sewing!

It's Valentine's Day so it's the perfect time for me to declare my love for sewing! No surprise there!

When people meet me and they find out that I sew and own a sewing studio, usually the first response is, "You don't look like you sew" and the second response is, "I've always wanted to learn to sew." I can't do much about the first comment (yes, we aren't all old ladies!...although... I am approaching 50!) but when I hear the second comment, I launch into my speech about the benefits of sewing. And wouldn't you know, along comes an article about the ways that sewing reduces stress! YAY! Thanks Better Homes and Gardens!

And one more thing, when people also find out that I am a college professor who teaches public speaking, the response isn't so positive..."I'm awful at public speaking" or "oh. I hate public speaking." Hmmm... not so easy to address that one! Could be a completely different blog!

Why do you love sewing?


  1. Exactly!! This is why my crafts are fairly simple...crocheting granny squares, sewing quilt blocks, knitting scarves. I don't want to think too much during the activity but rather "zone out" and relax. I'm proud of my finished products but really what my projects afford me is some calm "me time" and we all deserve that!

  2. I agree Karyn! Life is too busy and complicated to worry about perfection. I love to take my time on a project and enjoy the process of creating something.


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