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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Project: The Pi Pouf Part Two

Class favorite!
It was almost two years ago when I saw a Pouf in a magazine. I had to have one. I got busy drawing and calculating Pi...and came up with a design that included a zippered cover that could be removed for cleaning and an inner pouf that could be refilled through a little 5" zipper. Although the math was a bit challenging, it was worth it. I've taught this class several times and it seems to be getting more and more popular. Several of my regulars convinced me to make a slip cover pattern, so I did. And that's what we did today: spent most of the day making slipcovers! We then reviewed how to make a ruffle (that's a LOT of fabric) and how to add piping.

Filling the inner-pouf. What a mess!

We also experimented with different bean bag beans. Our favorites were the smaller ones like those from Fairfield.These are smaller and don't compress like bigger ones (that you can find at Wal-Mart). You'll need about 6 cu ft to fill one.

We put a small hole in the bag and slipped in a tube (from a roll of fabric) and taped it up to the tip of the tube. Then we put it in the zippered opening, zipped it up around the tube, and just started carefully shaking the beads into the inner pouf. Yes, we had a few spills!

My recommendation is to do it outside if you can. One of my friends did it on carpet, which seemed to contain the mess a bit more. But dry air is the enemy! These little buggers had a life of their own!

Here is a pouf (sans slip cover). The guys really seem to like this project!

Want to learn how to put a zipper in? Please read my blog entry: How to Put Zippers in Pillows and Cushions.

The pattern is available in my Craftsy Pattern Store! I included the slip-cover pattern, too. You will need to know how to install a zipper (Free tutorial "How to Insert a Zipper in a Pillow), so be sure to download that!  FOR FREE! You can read more about the pouf and get the pattern on the Shannon Fabric's My Cuddle Corner Blog!

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