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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making Your Own Buttons

If you have a project that needs a button, why not make your own? You can pick up a kit in the notions section of a store and get busy making colorful and unique buttons.

I got the idea from J Caroline Creative - they posted a tutorial on using buttons to make magnets and thumbtacks!

The kit comes with the two-part button (back and shell) and the two-part tool (pusher and mold) to put them together. You will cut a circle template from the package. It's really easy to do! 

I purchased a set of plastic circle templates and used those to trace the buttons rather than the cardboard templates (which I wear out).

In either case, you'll select the template that matches the button size and trace your circle. I'm making a monogrammed button to go on a zipper pull.

You'll want to select light/thin weight fabric like cotton quilting fabric; if it's any heavier/thick, you won't be able to press the button back into the button shell. It might help to give the fabric a light spray with starch.

Once you've traced your circle, grab the button shell and the mold.

Center the fabric (wrong side up) in the mold. Push the button shell in the mold. Work the fabric in - this is why you don't want thick fabric.
Place the back on top of the fabric that's all scrunched in there.

Place the pusher on top and push down. You'll hear the back click into place.

Pop the button out of the mold. If the back is a little off-center, you can pry it off and try again.

Here's what they look like when they are done. I love the monogrammed buttons - I attach them to a jump ring (found in the jewelry making supplies) and use them as zipper pulls!

Want to learn more? Head on over to LollyChops for a detailed tutorial and some more ideas!

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