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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plumb Quilts

One of the things I don't see a lot about is a "plumb" quilt. I'm borrowing a term from carpenters (my father is a carpenter), but plumb means exactly vertical or "true." For our purposes, this is a quilt that is even both vertically and horizontally. It's not wonky! When you cut and piece with precision, you get a plumb quilt. 

Figure 1
I first heard about this from my friend Ellen who is an avid quilter and longarmer - she also teaches classes in my studio. She's big into precision - so, yes, she's a pinner. But I learned that it is very difficult for a longarm quilter to quilt a wonky quilt. So as you put your quilt center together and add your borders, be sure to measure (as shown in Figure 1). Average your lengths (vertically, and then horizontally). Your borders will be that average. Pin in the middle then at the ends; as you continue to pin, you may have to work in some extra fabric or every so lightly, pull some fabric to get it to fit.  

In the end, you'll  have a nice, plumb quilt!

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