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Friday, January 27, 2012

Buying A Sewing Machine Week

I've had a lot of people ask my advice about buying a sewing machine, so I thought I'd write some posts about the process. I own three different brands and have sewn on several brands and models. I've also had a lot of different machines show up in the studio. I do not consider myself brand-loyal - instead, I approach the buying process with an open mind. I believe that you need to get a machine that fits your budget and your brain (in other words, it's intuitive and works for you). So don't be influenced by what one person says. Also please do not pay any attention to what reviewers have written in magazines. Please...please...please. Owners are brand-loyal, so they will say their machine is the best. Magazines recommend the company that advertises with them (or promotes the machines that are the top-sellers, which doesn't mean a thing!). Honestly, my typical reaction to the articles that rate sewing machine is, "Did they ask people who sew to test out those machines?" 

For today, make a list of the type of sewing you like to do. Do you quilt, sew accessories? clothing? home dec? Do you want to embroider? Do you like artsy stuff? Do you like a simple machine with knobs (a mechanical machine) or are you willing to try something with buttons (an electronic/digital machine)? The answers to those questions will help you focus on where to start.

Monday's post will be about setting a budget. What are you willing to spend?!


  1. I am so happy that you are doing this series... Were you inspired by my awful brother? ;)

  2. HA! And thanks! I get A LOT of requests for information on buying a sewing machine. Maybe your brother and I are on the same wavelength!


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